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The spells and rituals guide’s goal is to reveal to you that the practices that contribute to magic – rituals, spells, subconscious attachments, energy-raising phenomena, and much more – are all already occurring in our behavior and lifestyles every day. To actively sit down and perform a specific ritual is only a magnified, intentional way of channeling an ability we already witness.

This 28-page PDF explains:

– What spells and rituals are, mystically and psychologically.
– How to make them accessible to your psyche.
– Personal stories on my experience.
– Warnings and rules on how to safely conduct spells and rituals, complete with my personal “bad spell karma” stories from when I was naive and experimenting.
– Specific tips on how to find your personal symbols and incorporate them, with a worksheet.
– How to achieve rhythm, deeper states, etc while channeling.
– Two extensive spells I have written, that can be used as they are or as a template sample for the ones you write.

Growing up in a household with strong beliefs & practices based in a version of Brazilian mysticism from my father – energy work, spells, and a language with the “spirit world” have been present in my life since birth, and this is the root of this research. As I grew older, I experimented with these forces on my own time, looking at shared patterns in paganism and religion, understanding a language beyond the physical, conducting experiments, and continue to do so. I have performed rituals alone, with friends, and have prescribed over 50 spells & rituals to both people close to me and individuals online. I have had incredible experiences and feedback from others, and this way of seeing has changed my life.

This PDF is an honest recollection of my ever-expanding experience with magic – the pure and the dangerous and the in between – packed with everything you need to know to begin your custom relationship to magic. Thank you for your interest and enjoy. Feel free to send feedback on the guide or personal experiences to me via email or Instagram at any time. I’d love to read.

Gabi Abrão is a Los Angeles-based spiritualist, best known for her book Notes on Shapeshifting and Instagram page, @sighswoon. Gabi’s love for magic and ability to translate the existential can be found in her memes, writing, paintings, and digital content. Her work has been mentioned in The Washington Post, The Outline, New York Times, and more.

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