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by Frank Bach

Tell us a little bit about yourself – what’s your story?

I am Kamra Sadia Hakim, a Black American transgender artist supported by Munsee Lenape land (Brooklyn). I am the author of Care Manual, musician behind Kamra, and CEO/Founder of Activation Residency. Virgo sun, Leo Rising, Cancer moon, Libra venus meaning, I get beautiful shit done in the deep, and look good while doing it. I was born to two Muslim teenagers in Wahpekute (Minneapolis) metropolis. I have been bold/shy, fake/real, and firm/soft my entire life. I got into the work of caring as a teenager relentlessly devoted to extracurriculars and excellence. I am governed by self respect, loving interrogation, laughing until my guts fall out, and leaving when it is time. My experience on earth is  about the depth of being alive. 

How did Activation Residency come to be?

Activation Residency is one of the first post-festival experiences. I spent my early 20’s deep in the culture of places like FORM Arcosanti, Bonnaroo, and Okeechobee. I was excited by the collective warmth, the relentless hum of live music, and what happens to the energy when we pull back status quo reality and bathe in the fringes of utopian gestures, even if only for a weekend. I was attending these festivals during the heightened rise of social justice activism, made festival organizers make public declarations of solidarity, and began to dream of an intimate space for artists struggling to find a sense of belonging. Activation Residency was born out of a desire to tackle the lack of creative opportunities available to working artists. Artists like Basit, Van Newman, Annika Hansteen-Izora, Julie Byrne, and Qween Jean frequent the residency.  

What led you into the world of wellness?

The desire to be the best lover I can be, acknowledging my disabilities, and discovering I can and do cause harm led me to wellness. As my relationships hardened and chronic pain worsened, I sought out reiki, past life regression, family constellation, massage, akashic records, consent and boundaries education, and codependency recovery. 

I no longer believe that our feelings belong solely to us. We are each other’s business and we ought to cultivate the capacity to be in our feelings together.

You’re based in Brooklyn. Have you always lived there?

I moved to Brooklyn from Shouguang the year Trump got elected. I had previously been working summers in Upstate, NY counseling at Odyssey Teen Camp and felt a connection to the land there. I then got a prestigious fellowship, and chose NYU as my graduate school home. A year into my program, I got a call from the FBI saying my fellowship was being revoked because of past due medical bills, traffic tickets, and psilocybin ingestion. This meant I lost my scholarship, got billed for the scholarship, took out loans to finish my program, and left NYU with a violent amount of student loan debt. 

I feel held by Brooklyn’s culture. Seeing Black people everyday makes me feel safer. I love being trans in New York. I hate street violence, police, social climbing, expensive rent, and sensory overload. I am in the process of transitioning to the Upstate, NY countryside.

What does a typical day look like for you?

My dog and I have our morning walk in the park and then eat breakfast side by side in my small but stylish Brooklyn kitchen. The afternoons are for making, which often ends up looking like me playing and fooling around in the living room. I take an afternoon nap, and then prepare for an evening outing with friends or go on a date. 😉  

What projects or work are you most proud of?

The ‘Hear My No’ official music video gently slaps, and my Deem Journal and Creative Independent interviews feel generative. 

How do you make space for creativity in your work?

I make space for creativity in my work by making all my work creative work. My recording studio is in my living room, so I get to make music whenever inspiration strikes. 

Can you talk about some of the common themes, symbols and meanings found in your work?

Common themes in my work are value-building, care-making, making not creating, play, dreamy pallets, nature, rivers and bodies of water, kingliness, gardens and farms, tenderness, the Universe, fire, earth matter, and language as a tool.

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration in lived experience, which I write about in Care Manual as informing life’s philosophy. Everything we need to navigate the world happens for us. It is about tuning in, brushing off the gems you find, and assigning meaning and value to them based on the kind of life you choose to live. 

How do you balance being an artist and making a living?

I take risks each day to live the life I want backdropped by the fragrance of being an artist and making a living. Requiring larger checks for commissions, securing a fiscal sponsor for Activation Residency, investing in my making, and prioritizing financial literacy are ways I balance art making and paying bills. 

Care Manual by Kamra Sadia Hakim

What’s been your most profound spiritual experience?

Ayahuasca ceremony was a birthing of sorts, and an invitation to process and excavate the generational harm living in my body.

What’s an opinion you used to have that you’ve changed your mind about?

I no longer believe that our feelings belong solely to us. We are each other’s business and we ought to cultivate the capacity to be in our feelings together.

What does the sun represent to you?

The sun represents a symbol of self worth.

If you could change one thing about the world we live in, what would that be?

This question makes me emotional. I would abolition prisons, defund police, and dismantle the money to freedom pipeline. 

Anything you want to promote or plug?

Buy the digital edition of Care Manual.

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Today we have a very special episode which features a lecture by Terence McKenna (one of my favorite thinkers) given in the early 1990s on the topic of creativity. McKenna was an author, philosopher, and psychedelic pioneer who lived from 1946 to 2000.  Listening to McKenna speak is always a mind expanding experience, and this talk is no exception.

In this episode, Terence breaks down his theories on creativity, memes, mythology, and the modern state of art. He suggests that artists and poets are the dreamers and magicians from which new realities grow. Before we can build a new world, we must first imagine a new world. To pull a quote from this episode, “If the artists cannot find the way, the way cannot be found.”

Whether or not you are familiar with Terence McKenna, this is an inspirational and thought provoking lecture – and a celebration of the profound power of creativity. 

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Today, I am speaking with Dr. Zach Bush, on all things gut and planetary health, the current state of our health as a society, and so much more.

Zach Bush MD is a physician specializing in internal medicine, endocrinology and hospice care. He is an internationally recognized educator and thought leader on the microbiome as it relates to health, disease, and food systems. Dr Zach founded *Seraphic Group and the nonprofit Farmer’s Footprint to develop root-cause solutions for human and ecological health. His passion for education reaches across many disciplines, including topics such as the role of soil and water ecosystems in human genomics, immunity, and gut/brain health. His education has highlighted the need for a radical departure from chemical farming and pharmacy, and his ongoing efforts are providing a path for consumers, farmers, and mega-industries to work together for a healthy future for people and planet.

Sign Dr. Bush’s Pledge To Ban Glyphosate

Learn more about Dr. Bush

Learn more about ION

Learn more about Farmers Footprint

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Diego Perez, better known by his writing alias, Yung Pueblo, is one of the most popular writers on social media. His short, concise reflections of mental health, relationship, spirituality, and healing are enjoyed and shared daily by his over 2 million followers.

In this episode we dive deep into Yung Pueblo’s creative and spiritual journey. We talk about his childhood growing up poor in Ecuador, his dedicated meditation practice, his writing process, his new book, Lighter, which is available now.

Yung Pueblo’s Instagram | Buy Lighter

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Today I am speaking with Heart Rate Variability Expert, Dr. Jay Wiles.

Dr. Jay Wiles is a subject-matter expert on the connection between the human stress response and optimal health. He is a clinical health and performance psychologist with board certification in heart rate variability biofeedback and peripheral biofeedback. Dr. Wiles works as a leading consultant in psychophysiology to health influencers, professional athletes and teams, executives, and high performers.


What HRV is

How to improve HRV

How to measure HRV

+ More

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Today I am speaking with Dr. Todd Ovokaitys. We discuss all things stem cells, from what stem cells are to the different types of stem cells, how the procedure works, and all of the potential benefits.

Learn more about Dr. Todd here: https://drtoddo.com

About Dr. Todd

Dr. Todd did his undergraduate studies at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. After 2 years he was at the top of his class with a 4.0 GPA (out of 4.0). He was one of 26 students in America accepted to an accelerated medical training program at the prestigious Johns Hopkins University Medical School in Baltimore, Maryland. In the course of this work, he was elected to Phi Beta Kappa at this institution. During this time Dr. Todd also studied voice and classical guitar at the Peabody Institute. He received both BA and MD degrees from Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. Todd’s subsequent training included an Internship and Residency at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, DC. He was invited to be a Chief Medical Resident in the Georgetown University system, responsible for the teaching program of medical students, interns, and residents. This honorary position was followed by the completion of a two-year Fellowship in Pulmonary and Intensive Care Medicine, also at Georgetown University Hospital.

While at Georgetown, Dr. Todd experienced a deep insight into an elegant method for matching the vibrational states of biological molecules to neutralize toxins and enhance human biochemical functions.

Pursuing this insight, he moved to Southern California and constructed a platform with the assistance of Scottish physicist Scott Strachan. This colleague had won the Enterprise Scotland Award from Prince Charles for laser measurement devices. Scott Strachan also contributed to the creation of real time ultrasound, the technology that uses sound waves to view internal organs with precision.

Since 2005, Dr. Ovokaitys has been an Associate Professor of Medicine at Louisiana State University. This appointment has been for developing research into metabolic mechanisms for improving the condition of persons with HIV infection. Dr. Ovokaitys is also a high level consultant for anti-aging and regeneration medicine. His realm of expertise includes the best of conventional and complementary, metabolic and nutritional medicine.

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Today I am speaking with Vishen Lakhiani. Vishen is an entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker. He is the founder and CEO of Mindvalley and the author of two New York Times Best Selling books: The Code of the Extraordinary Mind and The Buddha and the Badass. His newest book that comes out tomorrow (Tuesday 9/20/2022) is all about the most effective form of meditation, what he calls the The 6 Phase Meditation Method.

Follow Vishen on IG @Vishen

Pre-Order / Order his new book here: https://www.mindvalley.com/6

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Bunny Michael (@bunnymichael) is a multidimensional creative genius. They are a writer, OG meme artist, musician, actor, queer icon, and host of the XO Higher Self podcast.

We dive deep into Bunny’s creative and spiritual journey, how to be fearlessly yourself, and growing an audience on social media. 

Bunny is a deep, warm, and highly original soul, and you’re going to love this episode.

Bunny's Instagram

Bunny's podcast

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Today I am speaking with my friend, Thomas P Seager, PhD on all things cold therapy. We discuss the science behind cold therapy and protocols to implement it into your life.

Dr. Thomas is also the founder and creator of the Morocco Forge, the coldest cold tub on the market. It also offers grounding benefits and is self cleaning with ozone. If you are in the market for a cold tub, this one is it. You can save off the home model with code Kayla150 and the commercial model with code Kayla500.

Learn more about the Forge here: https://www.morozkoforge.com

Thomas P. Seager, PhD is an Associate Professor in the School of Sustainable Engineering & the Built Environment at Arizona State University in Tempe AZ. His teaching and research is focused on a new approach to personal development called Self-Actual Engineering, which is about redesigning ourselves, or relationships, and our lives to realize more of our fullest potential. He has authored over 150 scientific articles, but you can read more about his work on human resilience, personal psychology, and entrepreneurship at his personal bloghttps://seagertp.substack.com/.

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Hanna Williams (@organic.abundance) is an artist, writer, spiritual teacher, and one my favorite creators on the internet. Her memes are highly creative and hilarious while delivering deep spiritual insights. 

On this episode we go down the rabbit hole of memes, discuss the concept of God, and debate the pros and cons of the guru tradition.

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