Looking for Sunshine Records artists?

Gabi Abrão

Gabi (she/her) is a Los Angeles-based spiritualist, best known for her book Notes on Shapeshifting and Instagram page, @sighswoon.

Yumi Sakugawa

Yumi (she/they) is a second-generation Japanese-Okinawan-American interdisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles and the author of several books.

Annika Hansteen-Izora

Annika (she/they/he) is an artist, writer, and designer based in Brooklyn on unceded Lenape land. They use art and writing to explore praxis of love, tenderness, friendship, dreaming, and digital gardens.


Emilia Ortiz (she/her) is a Momma & mental health advocate based in Brooklyn. Her self-care practices are guided by her elders & spirit guides, infused with love, and wisdom to help others shine brighter.

Kayla Barnes

Kayla is a certified brain health and human optimization coach, founder of LYV The Wellness Space, and host of the Brain Biohacking Podcast and co-founder of the Health Optimization Fund.


Haley (she/her) is a shadowbanned meme-maker navigating confusion, overwhelm, sexuality, and the pressures of modern life. They were featured by PAPER magazine and art show Bottom Text.

James McCrae

James (he/him) -WordsAreVibrations is an author, poet, creative guide, and meme-artist based in Austin. In his work, he applies the principles of mindfulness and Eastern philosophy to modern life with humor and candor.

Sinikiwe Dhliwayo

Sinikiwe (she/her) is a former cheerleader turned wellness enthusiast. She has a penchant for smiling, dancing, and bodies of water. She relentless in the pursuit of well-being for all.

Saint Chiron

Saint Chiron (they/them) was a trans non-binary writer, depth-astrologer, tarot reader, intuitive channel, and Sagittarius Sun who was unwavering in their devotion to healing through integration. Rest in Peace 1984-2021.


Sotce (she/her) is a Buddhist practitioner and artist. She is interested in creating sacred spaces through words, movement and channeling ideas from above and below.


Muse (she/her) is a San Diego based artist interested in high fashion, the environment and sustainability. She mixes aesthetics and spirituality to help you look and feel your best.

Elwing Gonzalez

Elwing (she/her) is a Vietnamese-American teacher, artist, and author based in LA. She explores the different sides of the self-healing and introspection.

Maddie Phillips

Maddie (she/her) is a Vancouver/LA based actor working in the film industry, writing poetry, and creating art that explores romance, reflection, ego, and perception. 


Kwonyin (she/her) is an emotional alchemy guide based in the Mojave desert. She facilitates transformation and liberation via her signature healing program CATHARSIS.

Adrienne Beal

Adrienne (she/her) is a born and raised Angeleno who’s colorful upbringing allowed her at an early age to identify as a creative artist—through dancing, acting, modeling and spending time in nature.

Born in the North

Born in the North is a creative studio consisting of twin brothers Christopher and Gregory Mitchell (he/him, he/him). Their art is inspired by their Mi’kmaq ancestry and Canadian upbringing.

Frank & Terrie Bach

Husband and wife/Mom and Dad design duo. (he/him, she/her). Founders of Sunshine Shop and relaxation enthusiasts.

Micah Carroll

Micah Carroll (he/him) is an LA-born and raised designer who’s work encompasses digital products and mindfulness. Check out his newsletter Figuring it Out.

Alejandra Smits

Alejandra Smits (she/her) is a writer, director, and performer based in Miami by way of Barcelona. She experiments with narration -studying its nature and boundaries-.

Kamra Sadia Hadim

Kamra (they/them) is an artists who participates in a lineage of care weaving themes of remembering how to talk to each other with respect, reverence, beauty, and skill through art ecosystems in music, literature, and permaculture design.

James Francis

James Francis (she/her) is a seeker, writer and student of the infinite. She’s the writer of Now is Good and co-host of Illusion Pod.

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