Kamra Verdant Banks EP



Released September 21, 2021
Produced by Alzena Bell
Mixed by Alzena Bell
Mastered by Joshua Druckman, Outlier Inn
Written by Kamra Sadia Hakim
Performed by Kamra Sadia Hakim
Activation Records 2021
Kamra is a writer and performer based in New York. They wrote their first record, Verdant Banks (2021), in bedrooms and at dinner tables. Heavily influenced by their father’s early 90’s hip-hop and R&B DJing in the basement and Norah Jones on repeat, Kamra weaves poetic singer-songwriter motifs, bluesy operatic vocals, and acoustic driven pop atmospheres together. Kamra is known for their work in SoMad’s Activation TV, as the founder of Activation Residency, and as the author of Care Manual and Care Ecology. Kamra has been written about in The Creative IndependentDeem JournalARTnewsVICEthe CUT, and Supermaker. Read about their single ‘Pass Me By’ and watch their ‘Hear My No’ music video.

Track Listing:

  • Flicker, Fire, Flame
  • Hear My No
  • Deep Hunger, Fed
  • Spill
  • Pass Me By
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