Gabi Abrão • @sighswoon

Gabi Abrão is a Los Angeles-based spiritualist, best known for her Instagram page @sighswoon, filled with spells, rituals, and wellness memes. She is a co-host on Illusion Pod and was featured in The Outline and The Atlantic.

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Yumi Sakugawa • @yumisakugawa

Yumi Sakugawa (she/they) is a second-generation Japanese-Okinawan-American interdisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles and the author of several published books including I THINK I AM IN FRIEND-LOVE WITH YOU, YOUR ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO BECOMING ONE WITH THE UNIVERSE, THE LITTLE BOOK OF LIFE HACKS, and FASHION FORECASTS. Her multimedia installations have been exhibited at the Japanese American National Museum, the Smithsonian Arts & Industries Building, and the Peabody Essex Museum. Sagittarius sun, Aquarius rising, midheaven in Scorpio.

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Haley Byam • @ghosted1995

Haley Byam, aka ghosted1996 is a shadowbanned meme-maker navigating confusion, overwhelm, sexuality, and the pressures of modern life. They were featured by PAPER magazine and featured in art show Bottom Text.

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Kwonyin (she/her) is an emotional alchemy guide based in the Mojave desert. She facilitates transformation and liberation via her signature healing program CATHARSIS.

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Born in the North

Born in the North is the design duo consisting of twin brothers Christopher and Gregory Mitchell. Their art is inspired by their Mi’kmaq ancestry and Canadian upbringing.

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Micah Carroll • @multimicah

Micah Carroll is an LA-born and raised designer who’s work encompasses digital products and mindfulness. Check out his newsletter, Figuring it Out.

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Alejandra Smits • @alejandrasmits

Alejandra Smits is a writer, director, and performer based in Miami by way of Barcelona. She experiments with narration -studying its nature and boundaries-. She recently published a book, Poetry Scam, and writes a weekly newsletter: unsolicited existence.

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