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Laura Dawn is a new leader in the world of psychedelic medicine. She is a plant medicine integration guide, macrodosing mentor, and psychedelic retreat facilitator. She also hosts the Psychedelic Leadership podcast, where she interviews experts and elders from all corners of the world. 

In this powerful episode, we talk all things psychedelics, including the relationship between psychedelics and creativity, what leaders and companies can learn from psychedelics, and how to use plant medicine in a sustainable way while honoring the Indigenous communities where they come from. 

Laura is on the forefront of a lot of exciting research and development in the psychedelic community while still being deeply grounded in the history and lineage of these medicines.

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Psychedelic Leadership podcast

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Lalah Delia is a writer, spiritual teacher, and the bestselling author of Vibrate Higher Daily. She is also one of the most deeply grounded and authentic people I know. Lalah truly walks the walk.

In this episode we go deep into Lalah's spiritual and creative influences, growing up in South Central Los Angeles during the crack epidemic, the time she met Tupac Shakur, and how she rose above her childhood trauma and dark night of the soul.

We also talk about Lalah's rise to fame, and how she originally grew her audience as a Tumblr blogger.

Lalah is a special soul and this is a very deep and very real conversation.

Lalah's website | Lalah's Instagram

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This is one of my favorite episode yet. Tao Lin is one of my favorite contemporary writers. The author of 10 books, including: Shoplifting From American Apparel, Tai Pei, Trip, and his new novel, Leave Society, Tao is a prolific writer who uses his books to share his personal journey through drugs, healing, psychedelics, and returning to nature. 

Tao blends the world of contemporary literature with the worlds of psychedelics and metaphysical thinking, sprinkling in elements of ancient civilization, Terence McKenna, and internet culture. I’ve always found his style to be innovative and enlightening, just like Tao himself. You’re going to love this episode.

Tao's Instagram | Tao's books

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Alyson Charles is a shaman, podcast host, and author of the new bestselling book, Animal Power: 100 Animals to Energize Your Life and Awaken Your Soul.  In this episode we go deep into Alyson's journey from small town Indiana to becoming an initiated shaman, how to discover and work with your own “power animals,” and the collective initiation that Earth is currently undergoing as the consciousness of the planet wakes up. Alyson is a sweet and sincere soul, and you're going to love this episode!

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In recent years, the art of memes has taken the internet by storm. People share memes to express how they feel, to make each other laugh, and to comment on politics, spirituality, and culture.  But where do memes come from? Why are they so popular? And, most importantly, what can memes teach all writers, artists, and marketers about communicating effectively on social media? In this solo episode, I take a deep dive on the art and science of memes.

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Introducing my new podcast – Words Are Vibrations. As much as I loved the Homesick Alien Club branding, I’m at a point in my life where I am prioritizing focus and simplicity, so we’re bringing it all back home.

Words Are Vibrations is a podcast at the intersection of creativity, consciousness, and culture. I will be chatting with writers, artists, healers, and change makers from all walks of life to reawaken our inherent creative nature.

Thoughts are intentions. Actions are rituals. Words are vibrations. This podcast is a friend and guide on your journey back to yourself.

In this solo episode, I introduce the new podcast and answer audience questions about life, creativity, and staying hopeful and inspired in difficult times.

Lots of fun episodes to come!

Peace 🙏🏼💜🌻

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There is a lot of talk about advanced technology these days, from web3, blockchain, crypto, and the metaverse. What does this new technology mean for the future of humanity? Is it part of the evolution of consciousness? Or does it further separate us from spirit and source?

In this special episode, which features myself being interviewed by my friend Michael Phillip for his podcast Third Eyes Drops, we dive deep into these questions to try to unravel the relationship between technology and spirituality. Enjoy!

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Taylor Eyewalker has administered the potent South American medicine kambo to thousands of people (including me). Kambo is a special frog secretion long used as a medicine by Amazonian shamans.  It is known to induce intense vomiting and clear the body of unwanted energies.

In this episode, we discuss my own (intense) kambo experience, Taylor’s journey as a healing, how kambo works, and how people can engage with Indigenous medicines in a way that is safe, sustainable, and respectful. 

Taylor is a ray of sunshine and you’re not going to want to miss this episode.

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Terence McKenna is one of my favorite thinkers and biggest influences. You could call him a “psychedelic philosopher.” He was lightyears ahead of his time as a thinker and researcher at the intersection of spirituality, psychedelics, and cyberspace. 

This is a recording of his last known interview, from October 1998.  It is one of the best explanations I've heard for the state of the world in 2021 and beyond. Terence said that the human species is accelerating toward a world of increasing novelty where things would get weirder and weirder, until we reached what he called “the transcendental object at the end of time,” which is another way of saying “the singularity,” a point in time where the rate of change would surpass our ability comprehend.

The good news is, this is a story of hope. McKenna said it was a natural process, and it would lead us beyond the 3D Newtonian prison, i.e. the matrix.

This is one of the best interviews I've ever heard, and you're going to love it. 

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