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Today's guest is Allie Michelle, a write, poet, and co-founder of We Are Warriors, a school for mental health and wellness. We talk about Allie's journey as a poet, how she overcame crippling shyness to become comfortable in the spotlight, and her new book, The Words Left Unspoken.

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Today we have a very special episode which features a lecture by Terence McKenna (one of my favorite thinkers) given in the early 1990s on the topic of creativity. McKenna was an author, philosopher, and psychedelic pioneer who lived from 1946 to 2000.  Listening to McKenna speak is always a mind expanding experience, and this talk is no exception.

In this episode, Terence breaks down his theories on creativity, memes, mythology, and the modern state of art. He suggests that artists and poets are the dreamers and magicians from which new realities grow. Before we can build a new world, we must first imagine a new world. To pull a quote from this episode, “If the artists cannot find the way, the way cannot be found.”

Whether or not you are familiar with Terence McKenna, this is an inspirational and thought provoking lecture – and a celebration of the profound power of creativity. 

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Diego Perez, better known by his writing alias, Yung Pueblo, is one of the most popular writers on social media. His short, concise reflections of mental health, relationship, spirituality, and healing are enjoyed and shared daily by his over 2 million followers.

In this episode we dive deep into Yung Pueblo’s creative and spiritual journey. We talk about his childhood growing up poor in Ecuador, his dedicated meditation practice, his writing process, his new book, Lighter, which is available now.

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Bunny Michael (@bunnymichael) is a multidimensional creative genius. They are a writer, OG meme artist, musician, actor, queer icon, and host of the XO Higher Self podcast.

We dive deep into Bunny’s creative and spiritual journey, how to be fearlessly yourself, and growing an audience on social media. 

Bunny is a deep, warm, and highly original soul, and you’re going to love this episode.

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Hanna Williams (@organic.abundance) is an artist, writer, spiritual teacher, and one my favorite creators on the internet. Her memes are highly creative and hilarious while delivering deep spiritual insights. 

On this episode we go down the rabbit hole of memes, discuss the concept of God, and debate the pros and cons of the guru tradition.

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Raamayan is a Web3 visionary who stands at the intersection of deep spiritual wisdom and advanced technology. He is also a musician, teacher, entrepreneur, and founder of the NFT platform Veme. In this deep and wide-ranging conversation we discuss the current global disruption and awakening that is taking place, the pros and cons of capitalism, and the massive social implications of decentralized Web3 technology like blockchain, crypto, and NFTs. Essentially, Raamayan breaks down how we can save and transform the world.

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Laura Dawn is a new leader in the world of psychedelic medicine. She is a plant medicine integration guide, macrodosing mentor, and psychedelic retreat facilitator. She also hosts the Psychedelic Leadership podcast, where she interviews experts and elders from all corners of the world. 

In this powerful episode, we talk all things psychedelics, including the relationship between psychedelics and creativity, what leaders and companies can learn from psychedelics, and how to use plant medicine in a sustainable way while honoring the Indigenous communities where they come from. 

Laura is on the forefront of a lot of exciting research and development in the psychedelic community while still being deeply grounded in the history and lineage of these medicines.

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Lalah Delia is a writer, spiritual teacher, and the bestselling author of Vibrate Higher Daily. She is also one of the most deeply grounded and authentic people I know. Lalah truly walks the walk.

In this episode we go deep into Lalah's spiritual and creative influences, growing up in South Central Los Angeles during the crack epidemic, the time she met Tupac Shakur, and how she rose above her childhood trauma and dark night of the soul.

We also talk about Lalah's rise to fame, and how she originally grew her audience as a Tumblr blogger.

Lalah is a special soul and this is a very deep and very real conversation.

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This is one of my favorite episode yet. Tao Lin is one of my favorite contemporary writers. The author of 10 books, including: Shoplifting From American Apparel, Tai Pei, Trip, and his new novel, Leave Society, Tao is a prolific writer who uses his books to share his personal journey through drugs, healing, psychedelics, and returning to nature. 

Tao blends the world of contemporary literature with the worlds of psychedelics and metaphysical thinking, sprinkling in elements of ancient civilization, Terence McKenna, and internet culture. I’ve always found his style to be innovative and enlightening, just like Tao himself. You’re going to love this episode.

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