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James and Gabi talk about an ex bf interaction and getting bit by a chicken. We then get into the Gabbie Hanna situation and what it symbolizes about the internet, boundaries, performance, and illusions. We get into Nicholas – the online viewer turned IRL spawn, who broke the third wall by arriving to Gabbie's house and “trying to help her” whilst tiktokking his mission. We also talk about internet mistakes, the very real reality that we are all creating and learning from the internet in real time.

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James and Gabi reflect on Gabi’s first book signing for Notes on Shapeshifting, as well as the fist fight they witnessed right after that James broke up herself. We talk about Nathan Fielder’s “The Rehearsal” and discuss the concept of manipulation. In a way, all communication is manipulation. We bitch about bitching, as usual. We daydream about living in a perfect bubble.

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James and Gabi embark on an episode with zero topics in mind just to see where it goes. Thoughts emerge on James’ stay in a dome in Topanga, wide brimmed hats, having skinny boyfriends, going to a Fourth of July party just to eat new food, board short styles, the “girl war” which may just be a war on joy and the felt presence of God, living simply. After 45 mins we really peak into some life-loving gratitude hype I gotta say. Also, new sign-off announced.

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Somewhat of a continuation of the last public episode: James and Gabi talk about the word and energy of “God”. We then discuss Christianity and Judaism, coming to the conclusion that Judaism is the dominant religion, obviously.

Jewish IG's Gabi mentioned: @myrrhmag @jewitches

James' favorite pilates youtube, Nicole not Kayla: 

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james and gabi discuss “the new right” and a revival of christian religion, citing Kanye west, Red Scare Podcast, that New York movie ticket guy article, and that Peter thiel article. We get into Dasha Nekrasova’s clear influence on the youth and the magic that can happen when a virgo and a pisces are aligned and on air. Is the human brain more inclined toward vibes & symbols or numbers & charts when it comes to decision-making? james makes case for middle aged leadership. tucker carlson and Nicki Minaj! in the end, a field of trees can be wiped out by a single volcanic eruption.

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– changing covid sentiments, shared covid experiences
 – #metoo talks in relation to amber depp trial
 – deux moi being revealed and how lame deux moi is while also being an expert at capitalizing on the vibe they simulated
 – celeb gawking
 – school shooter
 – anonymity on the internet should be outlawed
 – lots of shit talking basically

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This is our very first Patreon Episode on March 11th.
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James and Gabi introduce the new structure of Illusion Pod and its purpose. We then wander into theories on purpose and existence in general – referencing Dharma and the Tao Te Ching. We refer to an article from 2013 entitled “10 Tips to Discover Your Personal Dharma” to share ways in which one accesses their life purpose. James also shares how she was interviewed by KTLA news about a mountain lion, and Gabi shares the tale of her strange middle school math teacher.

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James and Gabi discuss Everything Everywhere All At Once, great movie. We talk about reframing nervousness into excitement and creating destinations for thought. We discuss Elon Musk buying Twitter. All of it coming down to theories on the power of attention and choice.

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We discuss “Holy Hell”, a unique documentary about the cult Buddhafield that formed in the trippy 80s. We discuss “NXIVM”, a more recent, highly sinister cult with corporate incentives. We witness cults as magnifications of other interpersonal human phenomena like popularity, power structures, social hierarchies, group think, and more. We trip out on people who lie, questioning the function of a lie. We question what makes a cult attractive and what causes it to spiral out. James shares her experience in Yoga teacher training. Gabi talks about a cult down the street from her. We share activities that our own cult would have.

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